Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's tricky to rock a rhyme, rock a rhyme that's right on time...

If it hasn't clicked, for Halloween I went as a zombie..
I went out for Halloween last night, just to my friends.. and then a few other places but they were a shambles ahah. I went home quite early though as I had my first aid course which by the way...

It was my last day of training today, and now i'm offcially a qualified first aider! I felt rather proud of myself, so I bought myself Tesco's 98p cookies. Nom.
The uniform?

Obviously the leg isn't meant to be rolled up but I really wanted to show you my nice work boots. Beauts huh? ;p

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Only girl in the world....

Second outfit is what I wore to school today; school uniform makes me sad!
I wrote pure LOADS and none of it 'saved'!? in fact, I went to click 'preview' and all it came up with was pictures. Now I don't actually have time to write it all out again as i've got a test to revise for. I'm so cheesed right now.
- I'm organising a fashion show! I'm so excited! It's to fundraise for a charity called 'Help For Heroes'. Hopefully i'll raise a decent amount of money! I can tell it's gonna be a lot of hard work already.
- I'm back! I have a camera again and everything! Basically the reason I didn't blog for ages because I didn't have a camera, and really needed to do some school work. It's all good now though!
- I love halloween. Most of my friends are going as something slutty - fair enough - but I want to go as Po from the Teletubbies so i'm going in town after school tomorrow to look for an outfit! If all else fails though I'm going as a giant Kit Kat. It's made out of foam. Woop!
- I'm going to be making a dress! It's a part of my Fashion + Textiles project, I can't wait to get started on it! ;p
Another outfit post tomorrow!

Saturday, 23 October 2010


WOW, i've been 'absent' from the world of blogging for a long time now.
However, on Tuesday my gran gets back from her trip to Australia, so i'll have a camera to take pictures with. Yay! I've got lots of ideas for posts and what not :)

Anyway, basically i've been trying to sort myself out, especially with school. Oh the joys.

My weekdays will be spent in the mental institution, and my week nights will be spent in my room: either revising, doing homework or being a bum on facebook/blogging. Maybe i'll even fit in time for a friend or two! I'm always mega tired when I come home from school... I used to nap but recently I stopped because I could never sleep when I wanted to at night and was always up until 3am.

My weekends will be spent shopping, sleeping and partying.
It sounds like a plan indeed.

Three girls step on a magic rug that makes you dissapear if you tell a lie..
Brunette: I think I'm the prettiest girl in school.
Red-head: I think I'm the most popular girl in school.
*poof* ...
Blonde: I think-.

Haha, i found that hilarious! I'm sorry if I offend.

P.S. Exciting news in the next post!
(Well for me it is! ah!)