Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All the crazy shit i did tonight...

Sorry for not posting, and this wont be an outfit post, i'm sorry! :P
I'm now on study leave but I've got an exam tomorrow, and on Friday so not got much time. So here are some random pictures of things...

Oh, and do you think this dress will be alright for a wedding in July? its just i've only worn it once... but its base colour is black... arrrgh!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

be my enemy

Jeggins (my tshirt covers my bum!), rolling stones tee + denim waistcoat with my studded biker boots and bag. Yes, I do actually listen to the rolling stones. Verry quick post today, just wanted to actually update something, and i'm now gonna go reply to comments and find some more blogs! Hope everyone's having a good weekend :) xxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ohh how times change

No outfit post as i've just been wearing my school trousers and hoodie all day whilst revising for my chem + math prelims tomorrow D:

But I used to reckon i was a 'scene kid' and thought i'd show you the amaingly beautiful photos of me from back then (13/14? i'm the one with the disgusting hair and green skinny jeans ahah too bad you can't see my ridiculous ammount of eyeliner) and a photo of my new rings! Also some pointless pictures I have, mainly old pictures just to fill up the space 'cause I feel bad for having like no outfit posts lately.
Oh and the cake? My aunt made it for my 16th back in March :)

Hope you're all having a good week! ;D

EDIT; LOL the picture outside the hummer, with lots of girls... i'm the one in the white denim skirt, red top, leggins, dance tights... oh god, the things i wore.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sorry, im a rubbish blogger!

I've been a rubbish blogger.
BUT i'm gonna organise a giveaway at the weekend!

I've got 3 second prelims this week (they're like mocks) and i only found out about one of them today. I've been studying a lot for my final exams that start next week, and need to get a credit pass in them all if i want to take them next year, so its pretty important.

So, my blogging has gone downhill, my bad!

Next week I go on study leave, which will give me time to blog properly.

I'm going to try update tomorrow as i've got a biology prelim to study for tonight, but on thursday i've got math AND chemistry. two of my weakest subjects, dammnit!
Sorry, i'll stop babbling!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Sitting here on this lonely dock...

SO! This is what I wore last night to a little gathering. Oh and I also dyed my hair a brighter red today, pictures tomorrow... sorry for the rubbish post, just don't feel that cheerful after tonight lol.

EDIT; I actually had a long layered chain necklace on, and lots of cute bracelets but the necklace sort of disintergrated because of hairspray basically exploding in my bag and i just forgot about the bracelets today! Sorry.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

You don't impress me, you don't intimidate me...

I had nothing to photograph yesterdays outfit with, so I put it back on for a quick photograph! But yesterday, it was really quite warm so I went out with my friends to the beach, and we had a little picnic... but the tide was in so we sat on the benches by the playpark, and probably looked like paedophiles because of all the children. This outfit looks waaay better in person.

Then today, I just went out to biology study support for an hour or so, then came home and slept the day away. I've been given numerous awards, and will do a post on them tomorrow :)

I'm not sure if you can see the ripping detail on the side of my white tshirt that I added myself? And the last pictures are of my bag if you couldn't tell! :)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Only thing i'm missing is a black guitar

My camera still isn't behaving on self timer, and haven't got my other one back from my aunt yet, so bad quality of photos... excuse the mess around my feet haha.
I wore this dress to a house party last night, and i'm probably gonna do another post tomorrow to make up for the bad quality of photos, 'cause im hoping to get my other camera back tonight!;D

My blog is now 2 weeks old today, and i celebrate with having 54 followers now! Thank you all! :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

and he is not one to be counted on

Hey! So today, I went to religious ed. easter study class, and then shopping for tight. Unfortunately, I couldn't actually find many good quality tights. BUT, these beautys caught my eye in Primark, for only £2. I also got a denim vest in Primark! And the blue flower headband (on wrist) from H&M.

I CAN'T THINK OF A NICE WAY TO WEAR MY FLOWER HEADBAND, that'll suit my face frame. Which i'm really bummed about, cause I love the colour. Any suggestions? My face is here;

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eat that up, it's good for you.

I've been inspired by to show you what lives in my bag! Phone, iPod, scarf, notebook, creme egg, mickey mouse shortbread, keys, purse; youngscot card, bus pass, money, cheques, NI card, unused gym membership + a makeup bag with makeup + nailpolish and holds my creme egg and bracelet. I also have a knitted chicken...

This first outfit was worn today, to pick my cousin up from his dance workshop + go get food from the co-op. I wear this all the time, because I love the oversized grey sweatshirt, and the grey + white striped long top underneath. I wear it with a black skirt (like shown) or black skinnys, with grey ankle boots. All samey colours but its soo comfy.

Second outfit? Just something I saw in my wardrobe + decided to take a picture of. I got it last year, and i've probably only worn it once... I don't really like the shoes either, but they matched the ribbon + are super comfy.

One is a picture of me aaages ago in Australia, and the other is how i'm gonna look when I'm old. Lovely, right?

About Me:
Name; Julie R
Nickname; Joofie/Julz
Age; 16
DOB; 18/03/94
Location; East Scotland, UK
Height; 5ft
Eye colour; hazel/green
Hair colour; Brown (dyed red).
Peircings; lobex3, cartilage, nose + navel
Fav. Colour; Purple

Monday, 5 April 2010

You're not the quitting kind...

This post is about Blog Awards + New Blog Advertising!

I got the Sunshine Award from Jade @, so thank you Jade for my first award!

I'm passing this award on to people who's blog I've been reading for MONTHS and think they really deserve it, even though they've probably been given it a million times;

There! There are sooo many blogs that deserve it but decided to go with ones i've been reading for the longest.

New Blog Advertising
Okay, so none of these blogs are as new as mine (a week old yesterday) but they're new all the same and deserve some recognition!

Anyone else feel free to post links to their links in the comments too!

P.S. Sorry for the really boring post! Outfit post later or tomorrow. + If anyone wants to exchange links, you'll have to tell me how to do it 'cause i'm useless when it comes to computers!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

chiddy bangggg

Happy Easter if you celebrate it!
So, it's my easter break and it will be filled with revision classes. And just plain Revision. Maybe one or two days of shopping, sleeping and ofcourse, blogging.

This is what I wore to church (i actually only went for the creme eggs, but apparently i'm too old to hunt for eggs now..) + I wore navy/blue tights with my boots in the last post.

OH i forgot to say; i felt the skirt + top was a bit too girly for me, so i added a plaid shirt under a jacket, but not sure you can see it too well? Sorry!