Sunday, 27 June 2010

Back from Spain! Exhausted!

It's 10.15pm and i'm sooo tired already so it's just a really quick post with holiday pics! Hopefully a proper outfit post tomorrow - but i've got an essay due in I haven't even started so possibly not!

Volleyball was great! I really improved and we had a spanish coach named COCO who couldn't speak english so he pretty much made hand gestures all the time and we had to guess what he meant.

It was awesome though! But then I fucked up my hand. I may have broken my finger bad times, this was it the night I done it, it's soo much worse now :( :

i couldn't play vollleyball after that, or go bowling! Let down! But it was amazzing.

Due to my factor 50 suncream, I did not get sunburn! Or a tan...

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another let down!

I know I said i'd try post every day but I had no idea how busy i'd be! My bad!

Anyway, still no outfit post as i've packed up my camera and all my memory cards for spain! I'm going tonight! Well tomorrow since it's 1.45 we leave my town and 8.30am the flight is at...

I really wanted to post a picture of what we all have to wear to the airport! But then I don't think i'd have time cause i've still got 101 things to do :(

There was a mix up with my sizes so instead of getting small tshirts and small trousers I got medium sized tshirts and trousers!
The tshirts are FAR too big, and to get the trousers to normal legnth i have to roll them up SEVEN times. Bad times.

I've got to wear;
- black joggers (with school name down the side and initials)
- White polo with volleyball logo + initals
- Hoodie with volleball logo + initials.

We're gonna arive in spain in the afternoon so we will be sweating buckets in tthat!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I can't wait to get back to blogging 'cause i'm gonna start doing beauty posts and other things!

Have a good week whilst i'm gone!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dance! I'll take you there! Disco disco discooo!

MY GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL THE 1ST OF JULY! As I realised I wont have time to post it and stuff before I leave for Spain. You can enter HERE!
My bad for not posting the other day! Every time I went to it kept telling me there was an error :( Then yesterday I was just feeling completely shit so I just relaxed and put my homework before my blog for once :)

anywaaaaaay, here's the dress from the previous post! But i'm actually wearing it this time. Althuogh I was wearing a proper denim jacket at the time but it's been packed away for spain! (Leave on Sunday, yaay!) so due to my going to Spain, I'll hopefully post every day leading up to it to make up for no posts for about a week :D

I'm also wearing my biker boots here, but you can't see so here's a picture of me wearing them 'caue i can't find one of them on their own. :

I decided to wear it with my leather jacket. But then decided gilet cause it's denim like my jacket. But oh well!

I'm currently updating my ipod, anyone got any suggestions?!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bitch broke my memory card.

I lent my friend my memory card for my camera, but she managed to fucking break it. That's why there have been no posts!

However I think i'm getting another one tomorrow!

Either way, new post tomorrow.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Holiday shopping!

Today, I set the fire alarm off in church when they were doing a prayer upstairs. I was making bread for the kids. My bad.

I'm going to spain in 2 weeks with my volleyball team, and we're playing in a tournament and doing other sporty things (HAHA me and sport don't go too well) so i had to buy stuff that was ... sport appropriate. Like plain shorts and tshirts... but i couldn't help but get my gran to buy me a few nicer things :P

Here are a few things I bought!

Super girl + Wonder Woman PJ's
Hey there bikini


Hah, my sexy running shoes there in the back for volleyball, and some sandels.

It's my last exam on Tuesday, yaaaaaay!

p.s. my bad for lack of posts! Hope you all had a good weekend, i'm off to revise :(

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bit of a mixture ♥

I'm ill at the moment, so i'm in bed in my pj's so got no outfit to show! Although I got a few pictures from Saturday :)

Eliza Doolittle
I just really like her style - i hadn't really noticed it until last week in one of her music videos. and her hair is lovelyyyy.

Taylor Momsen, Alexa Chung, and Mary-kate & Ashley Oslen.
- just a few of the successful women who's style I love. But i got to say, I much prefered Taylor's hair shorter.

Outfit post when i start to wear proper clothes again :D
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