Thursday, 27 May 2010

Both so pretty as a walk in the city

Finished exams! :D except from one... but thats not until 8th June :D

When I wear heels, the camera cuts off my feet... it's so annoying. It's not even like the heels even make me really tall - 5ft4 these ones make me.

Layered a long sleeved tshirt with a vest top, and added a jacket i've had for aages! + I'm wearing my Harems here which i origonally only bought for a dance competition :)

The green stuff on my arm just wont come off. It's my candidate number aha. + I just wore my hair up today in a messy pony tail :)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Okay, so I was planning on doing an outfit post today, but then I had no time. I then decided i'd do a quick post on my style icons, but no time. Then Lauren from ">
tagged me :)

This is the 8th picture in my 8th folder on my laptop:

LOL well I was a little bit drunk at my friends house, and we were taking a group photo... however we found my face funny and cropped it. I was pretending to be a fish. attractive, right?

1. What shoe size are you?
- UK size 5.5 or 6 :)

2. Where do you work?
- I don't :( but i'm gonna try get a job this summer. Maybe at the old folks home where I went for work experience...

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own?
- My very much oversized plain grey sweatshirt. aah its love. or my nude lace tights.

4. Your favorite blog?
- I'm not too sure... hmmm.

5. Do you have any pets?
- Yeah aha. A dog named snoopy :) He is really fat. and small.

6. How many siblings do you have?
- Two. 'half' sister Paige who is 8 and she lives in Fife :| and a 'half' brother Dylan who's about 10 or 11 who lives in South Africa :D haven't seen either in years. brother when i was about 7?

7. If you could live anywhere were would it be?
- australia. london. glasgow. edinbrugh. naaae bathered! just not carnoustie :(

8. What were you doing before this?
- revisin for biology tomorrow :(

9.Your favorite food?
- pasta. or fruit pastles. or mashed potatoes.. mmm

10.Do you have a middle name?
- Ann Margaret

11.Your favorite websites?
Facebook, weheartit, yahoo answers occasionally, MLIA, FML erm blogs...

12.Who do you tag?
Everyone who's reading! :D

Thursday, 20 May 2010

I hate freckles!

I went outside to revise, and I got sunburn. And my freckles are appearing again :(

Again; I got formspring so ask me questions here

Ali Skye + Formspring

I decided to get a Formspring so it'd be awesome if I actually got some questions to answer! :D

Ok, I know I haven't done an outfit post in aages but i'm gonna post one in a few housr or so because first, I wanted to tell you about a blog (AGAINN i know i know, i also mentioned a few last Thursday here but yeah wanted to do this as soon as possible!

Ali Sykes @
What I love the most about her blog;
- She has amaazing tights!
- Shes got a kickass ring selection
- Just her clothes in general.

Soo you should really go check out her blog around about now!:P

So yeah, remember to enter my GIVEAWAY + There will be an outfit post up later :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

100 followers GIVEAWAY

I really wanted to do an outfit post today, but then I remembered about the giveaway! SO here it is. I've still to add a few wee surprises :)

CLASSIC FRENCH from the colour workshop.
CONTAINS: 3 manicure nail polish bottles, EVA toe divider, 1 pack of press on guides, 1 nail file/polisher, 1 nail whitener + 1 strip of nail jewels.

First is a necklace, second is a bracelet.

YSL French Manucure

AUSSIE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE: Recontructor, deep conditioner. + Random keychain.

DIAMANTE DUCK for the bath :)

Two Corsage Clips in pink and black from New Look

LANCOME PARIS: Sublime Suduction.
Contains: Black Mascara (?), powder blusher x2, Powder eyeshadow x5, lip colour x2.
It's never been used but i'm pretty sure i've lost the mascarra?! :(

1. You MUST be a follower.
2. All you need to do is say "Enter Me" + tell me about a fashion trend you're either loving or loathing right now!
3. LEAVE YOUR EMAIL! So if you win, I can contact you. Or if you're not comfortable with leaving you're email so publicly, contact me at
4. For an extra entry, do a post about my giveaway - but give me a direct link so I can check it out

OPEN TO ALL READERS ACROSS THE WORLD! even though it'll cost me loads to send it away :(


Thursday, 13 May 2010

about me + random photos + blogs you should know about ♥

I had my religious studies exam today... it went really bad :( But I went and saw my teacher after + he said even if I didn't get the grade I need he'll still take me for higher ;D yaay!

-I used to be a cheerleader
- I used to be an awesome swimmer, but had to stop training cause chlorine gives me itchy rash.
- I haven’t grown since I was like 12. bad times.
- When i’m sad I go on walks in the rain on my own. Or shower if its not raining. LOL.
- I have like two guitars, but no idea how to play them.
- I live with the grandparents.
- My dog is called snoopy. He is fat.
- I dropped my phone down the toilet once, whist drunk. I had already peed. I thought it’d be a good idea to put a plastic bag over my hand to fish it out.
- My first kiss was mouth rape. From a girl. She raped my mouth, when i was 7/8 and she was 2 years older. I wasn’t too happy, but she threatened me not to tell anyone HA.
- I used to chew on crayons. Omnomnom.
- I’m in love. N’yawww how sweet.
- My darkest tan is everyone else’s pale.
- I don’t actually have a best friend. Just a few really close ones.
- Mash potatoes are my thing.
-I’m scared of needles. Like seriously.
- I get pissed off way too easy.
- I’m a bitch to those I love :(
- I really wanna go back to Australia.
- I jump to conclusions waay too quick.
- My wardrobe is a mess.

Now, these pictures are from like all around the internet + I put them in my folder ... I have a feeling most are from - i'd seriously check it out, I love her tumblr.

this picture is actually my friends pervy cat hha.

Some of these blogs are just new, and some are not as new but totally don't get the recognition they deserve.
NADIYE is not my name
LAUREN loves shops
STEVIE likes sequins
LESLIE; lemon sweet by Leslie Hall
CHERI; Moncheri2311

Nadiye is a beautiful girl from the Netherlands who takes some beautiful pictures, Lauren is gorgeous, has kickass fashion and does awesome beauty reviews! Stevie is also gorgeous has wicked style and also does a few beauty related reviews. Leslie has a wonderful selection of jewerlerry on Etsy you should really check out! + Cheri is an irish student, just starting out in the world of fashion blogging.

I'd seriously check them out! I've forgotten a few people I feel so i'll probably edit with their blogs.

Yeah, about that, i'm actually thinking it'll be up on Saturday... yup, seems likely.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

WOAAH 104 followers!

YAY. 105 FOLLOWERS! Last night I went to bed with 99 followers and woke up with 103! Then I got two more followers shortly after. Thank you all for following me + for your lovely comments!

I'm gonna do the give away - it'll probably be up by Friday if not Saturday so come back for that :) I'm planning on making it prettyy damn awesome.

Today, I went to the doctors. The needle woman couldn't find a "nice vein" so she fucked about with my arm for a bit, and I accidently looked down at the needle and started crying. So she gave me a chewit. Yay! worth it ahah. But as I was making another appointment at the desk, this old man started stroking my hair.. that was... weird.

The sun was spliting the pavements, so I decided to go to school and get a few books for my exam. It hailed. Really bad. I hate Scotland.

Is anyone on If you've been invited add me! I'm 'Yourstalkerslittlesister' funnily enough. Oh and i've had a few emails about facebook, but don't know how to put it in the side bar? so add me if you want! ;

Friday, 7 May 2010

Where i'm going is anybodys guess

It's awesome to be in love.

Have a good weekend you babes!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ughh stupid exams!

I didn't go shopping with my mate the other day, and stayed in babysitting and revising so didn't bother with an outfit post as i was in my pj's all day....

Today I had my math exam, and tomorrow I got my geography... but after that, i've got a whole week until my next, so i'll get some seeeeeeerious blogging done then!
some random photos found on facebook, and some are mines. Enjoy, i'm off to revise!xxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

If your hearts in it, then carry on!

Outfit post tomorrow i'm thinking...
going shopping/revising in starbucks with a friend. She has pretty amaazing style, so i'll post her outfit too :)

Happy Sunday!
p.s. i want to do a giveaway when i finally get 100 followers?!