Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Endometriosis + New ideas

Sorry for lack of blogging, it's been pretty poor overall but over the past week i've been pretty ill - docs think i've got endometriosis and then i've got no appetite at all making me ill. It's all pretty crap, but since I was off school all last week i've been catching up this week.

We talk of change, but what do we do about it?
I don't want to be at school; doing subjects I don't like and i'm failing at. I need a change, for my own health. I'm not happy. I talk of change, but it never happens - but the one time I do try change I get knocked back. I'm still so angry at my gran saying I can't go to college.

I've got some new ideas for my blog too, mainly doing some beauty posts, blogger of the week, increasing my outfit posts - I don't want to say too much at the moment.

Tomorrow: three outfits.
tomorrow i'll do a post, with three outfits: 1 school, 1 casual, and the other is a more going out outfit. tomorrowtomorrowtomorrow!

Right, so for now i'm gonna watch Dude, wheres my car? and then change my layout or whatever it is if I can manage it.

Monday, 13 September 2010

I don't need a fortune teller...

In my last post, I said I got accepted in to college to do fashion marketing (which then after doing my HNC/D would take me to my 3rd year of uni) but my gran wont let me go. I'm so angry. Anyway!

I GOT A ONESIE AT THE WEEKEND! wow I love my onesie. So warm. It's awesome. Bit of a hassle when one needs to pee but it's worth it.

Onesie: Primark Skirt: Primark Top: New look. Shirt: New Look Necklace: H&M Scarf: Primark Bracelet: Topshop
Again, sorry for the really shitty pictures. Even for mirror picture's they're pretty shit. And this outfit hasn't photographed well at all..
I wore it shopping and my skirt blew up in the middle of town... ah wasn't impressed. Front and back.

Monday, 6 September 2010


I got an unconditional offer to do fashion retailing at college! I'm meant to start tomorrow (every one else started last week, i'm a late applier) but I don't know if i'm gonna take it! I'll make a pros and cons list later.

One pro i'm sure of? NO UNIFORM! Which means more outfit posts for you guys too of course :P But anyway! What should I wear to my first day of college?!

I was thinking of wearing something like this:

[ This is not me! This is Marina from
Hmm so many decisions!
Anyway, I really need a nap now.. then to decide if i'm gonna accept the offer or not!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

You can't forget our future plans

The last couple weeks i've been back at school have been really busy, far too much homework and I'm trying to get in to college (college already started so it's doubtful) to do events management.

STUPID CAMERA. Still not up for doing self timer stuff, idiat! I'm getting my friends old camera as soon as I get the money though:)
My hair looks faar better in person aha, it's been like that all day and why does it look like I got me a double chin?! CUH!

and a few pictures I took of one of my little cousins...

Anyway i've still got a tone of homework to get through, apparently i'm going to the Highland Show/Games/Whatever on Saturday? ehh right, I was planning on going shopping but okay...