Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Years Resolution: Become a better blogger.

I haven't blogged in a fair while, and even before then it's never really been constant.

But I decided, if I'm going to bother with a New Years Resolution it should be to become a better, and more constant blogger.

First post (extremely hungover post) on 1st January.
I'm quite looking forward to it.

I hope you all have amazing new year x

Monday, 13 December 2010

My very first peter pan collar

I had a coat, and a scarf on the whole time I was wearing it, explaining the plainess of it... although I think it looks quite nice plain!
What I wore to school...Usually i'd put on grey tights, since it's all mainly black but I didn't have time to search for them in my drawr of tights! I was wearing wellies too, explaining the socks but I decided to take a 2 hour 'nap' before taking pictures... I even put my jacket on for it, but it came out blurry. It's a red trench...

I got my very first peter pan collared item of clothing Thursday! When I say very first, I mean since I was about 4/5...

Anyway, I failed my NAB as you know... and then I've only been 'just' passing everything else... which is really worrying, so i've just been trying to study. Making it my main priority...

For those who don't know what a NAB is:

It's an assessment most subjects have, but you can only sit it twice: so if you fail it the first time, then fail a resit then you automatically fail the exam. It's so pointless. I'll be devistated if I get moved to a lower level D:

I've got a resit wed/thurs, then a completely different NAB on thursday too... Ah just let us be off for christmas already!
Right, off to memorise some quotes!

Monday, 6 December 2010

No french kiss no ooh lala

Wearing a topshop cardie, and topshop skinny jeans (although you can't see! also got a white top on, but because it wasn't ironed and I was in a rush I just got a belt so it hid the creases!) Belt from primark way back :)

Back to mirror pictures. Self timer picture have gone back to being proper blurry. It's no use. Will have to buy more batteries for the normal camera.

I love love love my new wellies. They fit in well with the current weather! Haha, the only size 6 Office had was those, and they had no size 5's at all! But I quite like them... although a friend said she thought they were Ben 10 wellies at first... nope!

Anyway, I found out I failed a NAB today, so i'm going to go drown my sorrows in Minstrels and my Judaism notes...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ophelia Lovibond

I watched the film '' today, and I absoloutely loved it. I've watched it three times today. Yeah. Anyway, one of the lead roles was played by Ophelia Lovibond, and I think she's in London Boulevard? I don't know, I haven't seen it. I think she's going to be one of my new style insperations... plus, I have major love for her hair. Not like it's something 'different' and 'out there' but I do think it's really nice and suits her.

I wanted to do an outfit post, took the pictures and everything, but my laptop wont upload the pictures. Tomorrow. Promisio!

Monday, 29 November 2010

It's official; all christmas presents bought and wrapped.

I'm going to be honest: not too fond of this outfit in photographs. Something with my camera, i'm going to have to figure out what's with it. I did have a long deep purple top on under, as this topshop top/dress is really thin and a bit see-through, but I had to take it off hence why you can't see it! I had my coat zipped and buttoned up, scarf, gloves and hat on! Nice and cosy. In the snow. Shopping. Falling.

Dust & diamonds + Moody Model: H&M
My camera is being strange... it made the brown a lot lighter (Dust and Diamonds), and the teal/green (Moody Model) colour a lot more blue looking than it actually is, which is a bit annoying but they're both really nice colours on.

Went shopping yesterday, in the snow, and kept sliding all over the joint. Wellies were sold out, no one had any except kids wellingtons. Gutted.

How cute are my new ear phones.
I'm off to try sort out my camera, I did take pictures of my make up as I did it different to my normal, but they came out really dark and unclear and probably do revision just in case school isn't closed due to snow.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

SNOW and thunder and lightning!

Last night I was kept up by THUNDER AND LIGHTNING! Whilst it was snowing!
I've never seen that before in my life.

I'll do an outfit post later, i just wanted to share my amazement with you lot.

p.s. it's really cold outside, 5+ pairs of socks would be best, and soemthing to protect your face as the hail is being a little bitch right now!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


This is a big achievment for me! I never thought anyone would ever read my blog really.
I know it's not 2000, but it's something!

I may just have to organise a giveaway or something...

i'm feeling so proud right now.

My very own Graze box

I saw a blog post about graze, and it sounded really quite interesting so I ordered myself a box (first box free! including delivery) and i'm really sorry, but if you posted about the graze box, and I commented tell me so I can link you! I just completely forgot who's blog it was.

So, in my GRAZE box I recieved

1. Great fire dragon
roasted maize, jumbo chilli maize & satay broad beans.
I don't really know what to expect with this punnet... but here goes, i'll try everything in it!
Smells really nice, and i'm not sure what everything is so i'll just have to give my overall opinion of the box. Oh wow, I didn't expect it to taste this good but it really does! Some are quite hard though, but worth it!

2. Apple strudel
dried apple, organic apricots & cranberries
To me, it just smelt like raisins; not complaining! Coming from a person who doesn't like cranberries normally, they were actually really good! I could just sit and eat them for ages. I love love love dried apple, and the dried apple from graze was just perfect.

3. Love mix
gorjis, cherries & organic apricots.
It smells gorgeous, tastes amazing. My favourite out of that punnet is definitely the gorjis.

4. The beach
dried banana, pineapple & mango.
Smells quite powerful at first... but it's quite a nice smell. banana's were nice; they werent properly hard like i expected they were sort of.. soft and chewy? As soon as i put a bit of the pineapple in my mouth I was just like 'wow!' it tastes sooo good. I'm not really a fan of mango, and this was really hard to bite a bit off and chew and the flavour wasn't for me. I'll pass on the dried mango!

My favourite punnet has to be the Great fire dragon, although the gorji's from the love mix were my favourite.

Graze packaging is actually just so cute; it comes in a carboard box (which can just slide through the door with the rest of your post, so you don't have to wait in to sign for it!) and is recyled! As is the 'punnets' it comes in, and the napkin!


I really wanted to do some outfit posts, but i had an allergic reaction to anesthetic yesterday morning, so i've been vomitting and the pills im on just make me sleepy so i've not really had the energy. I was gutted I couldn't go to school today as 1) it was non-uniform day and I had already planned what to wear
2) It's the last day of school for a week
3) I've got a nab as soon as I go back, but I left my revision stuff in my locker.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

They be actin' like they drunk....

Topshop top , Topshop Cardigan , Topshop Dress, Newlook coat .

Earrings from H&M. Unfortunately, they made my ears go green.
Two finger ring from Primark, the other three are from a craft stall.

Good day!
Last night, it was the turning on of the christmas lights in my city (Dundee, Scotland) so I was there to do first aid, but I wasn't actually put in the centre, where pretty much everyone was, so there were no casualties... So it was really boring for me, although I made some new friends from the first aid, so that was alright. However a 1 year old fell 3ft out their pram and got rushed to hospital :(
IT RAINED SO MUCH! My first aid kit bag is still soaking, ah didn't enjoy the rain.

Today was alright; I went shopping for fabrics for my top i'm making, and got the families christmas presents... successful day. Came back with £5.21!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Foundation on ya lips, you look really tacky with foundation on ya lips!

Why do girls think it's a good look to have foundation lips? For one, it makes you look sort of dead (unless they also go completely overboard with the blusher to make themselves look like some sort of clown), and it also makes lips look cracked and just completely disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I quite like nude lips sometimes, but not like that. If you're going to do that at least put some sort of colour over it. Not pretty.

My english teacher actually kept me behind yesterday, to ask me if I was okay and stuff... she said I always look so sad and like i'm about to burst out crying, and that made me cry ahha. She then said it upsets her to see me like this, and if I ever need someone to talk to, she's here. It's funny how a teacher can notice things, but your own family and friends wont. **emotional bit over!

It was 20% (or maybe 25%) off sale at Debenhams today, and my gran picked me up after school with my aunt and we went shopping... However my cousins were there - one ran out the shop with a bag i hadn't bought yet to see his brother and the security alarms went off. Good one Rue - and somehow I spent £305 in Topshop... it's funny though, i've only got a few things to show for it. Most of its been kept until christmas though :(


In town today, even in this freezing rain, females ranging from 12-30 had their camel toes out. If you're going to wear jeggins, it'd be best to opt for a long top/a dress. No one wants to see that.

P.S. Nathan from Misfits is a beaut.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Steady as she goes...

Today, whilst my gran was at church I went shopping as I needed a new coat for school (and boots, but had no luck with those) and I found one - a gorgeous burgendy one. Thing is, it didn't have a hood... so I didn't get it, and instead got this Military Ladder Coat from New Look

Apparently a lot of people have been returning it because the buttons fall off easy, but i'm hoping it's not gonna happen to me as I quite like it. Had to get a size 14 though because in sizes 8+10, i couldn't zip it shut over my boobs, and in 12 I could hardly move. No use!

I got a couple of jumpers for school too since it's all cold now, in a nice burgandy and purple!

I was planning on doing a nail post today but my grans camera just died and it needs batteries, so obviously I can't... There will be a nail post on Tuesday though!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's tricky to rock a rhyme, rock a rhyme that's right on time...

If it hasn't clicked, for Halloween I went as a zombie..
I went out for Halloween last night, just to my friends.. and then a few other places but they were a shambles ahah. I went home quite early though as I had my first aid course which by the way...

It was my last day of training today, and now i'm offcially a qualified first aider! I felt rather proud of myself, so I bought myself Tesco's 98p cookies. Nom.
The uniform?

Obviously the leg isn't meant to be rolled up but I really wanted to show you my nice work boots. Beauts huh? ;p

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Only girl in the world....

Second outfit is what I wore to school today; school uniform makes me sad!
I wrote pure LOADS and none of it 'saved'!? in fact, I went to click 'preview' and all it came up with was pictures. Now I don't actually have time to write it all out again as i've got a test to revise for. I'm so cheesed right now.
- I'm organising a fashion show! I'm so excited! It's to fundraise for a charity called 'Help For Heroes'. Hopefully i'll raise a decent amount of money! I can tell it's gonna be a lot of hard work already.
- I'm back! I have a camera again and everything! Basically the reason I didn't blog for ages because I didn't have a camera, and really needed to do some school work. It's all good now though!
- I love halloween. Most of my friends are going as something slutty - fair enough - but I want to go as Po from the Teletubbies so i'm going in town after school tomorrow to look for an outfit! If all else fails though I'm going as a giant Kit Kat. It's made out of foam. Woop!
- I'm going to be making a dress! It's a part of my Fashion + Textiles project, I can't wait to get started on it! ;p
Another outfit post tomorrow!

Saturday, 23 October 2010


WOW, i've been 'absent' from the world of blogging for a long time now.
However, on Tuesday my gran gets back from her trip to Australia, so i'll have a camera to take pictures with. Yay! I've got lots of ideas for posts and what not :)

Anyway, basically i've been trying to sort myself out, especially with school. Oh the joys.

My weekdays will be spent in the mental institution, and my week nights will be spent in my room: either revising, doing homework or being a bum on facebook/blogging. Maybe i'll even fit in time for a friend or two! I'm always mega tired when I come home from school... I used to nap but recently I stopped because I could never sleep when I wanted to at night and was always up until 3am.

My weekends will be spent shopping, sleeping and partying.
It sounds like a plan indeed.

Three girls step on a magic rug that makes you dissapear if you tell a lie..
Brunette: I think I'm the prettiest girl in school.
Red-head: I think I'm the most popular girl in school.
*poof* ...
Blonde: I think-.

Haha, i found that hilarious! I'm sorry if I offend.

P.S. Exciting news in the next post!
(Well for me it is! ah!)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Endometriosis + New ideas

Sorry for lack of blogging, it's been pretty poor overall but over the past week i've been pretty ill - docs think i've got endometriosis and then i've got no appetite at all making me ill. It's all pretty crap, but since I was off school all last week i've been catching up this week.

We talk of change, but what do we do about it?
I don't want to be at school; doing subjects I don't like and i'm failing at. I need a change, for my own health. I'm not happy. I talk of change, but it never happens - but the one time I do try change I get knocked back. I'm still so angry at my gran saying I can't go to college.

I've got some new ideas for my blog too, mainly doing some beauty posts, blogger of the week, increasing my outfit posts - I don't want to say too much at the moment.

Tomorrow: three outfits.
tomorrow i'll do a post, with three outfits: 1 school, 1 casual, and the other is a more going out outfit. tomorrowtomorrowtomorrow!

Right, so for now i'm gonna watch Dude, wheres my car? and then change my layout or whatever it is if I can manage it.

Monday, 13 September 2010

I don't need a fortune teller...

In my last post, I said I got accepted in to college to do fashion marketing (which then after doing my HNC/D would take me to my 3rd year of uni) but my gran wont let me go. I'm so angry. Anyway!

I GOT A ONESIE AT THE WEEKEND! wow I love my onesie. So warm. It's awesome. Bit of a hassle when one needs to pee but it's worth it.

Onesie: Primark Skirt: Primark Top: New look. Shirt: New Look Necklace: H&M Scarf: Primark Bracelet: Topshop
Again, sorry for the really shitty pictures. Even for mirror picture's they're pretty shit. And this outfit hasn't photographed well at all..
I wore it shopping and my skirt blew up in the middle of town... ah wasn't impressed. Front and back.

Monday, 6 September 2010


I got an unconditional offer to do fashion retailing at college! I'm meant to start tomorrow (every one else started last week, i'm a late applier) but I don't know if i'm gonna take it! I'll make a pros and cons list later.

One pro i'm sure of? NO UNIFORM! Which means more outfit posts for you guys too of course :P But anyway! What should I wear to my first day of college?!

I was thinking of wearing something like this:

[ This is not me! This is Marina from
Hmm so many decisions!
Anyway, I really need a nap now.. then to decide if i'm gonna accept the offer or not!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

You can't forget our future plans

The last couple weeks i've been back at school have been really busy, far too much homework and I'm trying to get in to college (college already started so it's doubtful) to do events management.

STUPID CAMERA. Still not up for doing self timer stuff, idiat! I'm getting my friends old camera as soon as I get the money though:)
My hair looks faar better in person aha, it's been like that all day and why does it look like I got me a double chin?! CUH!

and a few pictures I took of one of my little cousins...

Anyway i've still got a tone of homework to get through, apparently i'm going to the Highland Show/Games/Whatever on Saturday? ehh right, I was planning on going shopping but okay...