Saturday, 23 October 2010


WOW, i've been 'absent' from the world of blogging for a long time now.
However, on Tuesday my gran gets back from her trip to Australia, so i'll have a camera to take pictures with. Yay! I've got lots of ideas for posts and what not :)

Anyway, basically i've been trying to sort myself out, especially with school. Oh the joys.

My weekdays will be spent in the mental institution, and my week nights will be spent in my room: either revising, doing homework or being a bum on facebook/blogging. Maybe i'll even fit in time for a friend or two! I'm always mega tired when I come home from school... I used to nap but recently I stopped because I could never sleep when I wanted to at night and was always up until 3am.

My weekends will be spent shopping, sleeping and partying.
It sounds like a plan indeed.

Three girls step on a magic rug that makes you dissapear if you tell a lie..
Brunette: I think I'm the prettiest girl in school.
Red-head: I think I'm the most popular girl in school.
*poof* ...
Blonde: I think-.

Haha, i found that hilarious! I'm sorry if I offend.

P.S. Exciting news in the next post!
(Well for me it is! ah!)


Jade said...

Hahaha well it made me laugh! Your absence saddened me, I must admit. Looking forward to seeing your posts :) x

Little Emilly said...

Haha that's funny (:
Glad to see you're back x

liyana said...

yes come backkkkkkk

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

haha that made me laugh!!