Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I know most people will hate this, but I don't care... I love it.

I bought this in Spain for 3 euro, and it's a relitively bright purple with some stars on it. It has the stars on the bum too.

Things are sort of weird for me at the moment. But my gran bought me 2 chocolate cakes to cope haha!

I went in town today.. didn't really get a chance to go to the shops 'cause my friend Mike just wanted mcdonalds so I went and had a McChicken Sandwich meal AND a cheese burger, it was amazing.
I also tried to push him in to a bush when we were walking back off the bus, but ended up falling in myself and grazing my poor arm :(

But tonight, I blog some more since I have literally no money and my friends are all going to the cinema, and I'll watch some Charmed. I love Charmed.

Her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining ♥

I guess this is a bit of a rant but... Isn't it annoying when people just comment for the sake of it? It's not like they even say anything about the outfit. Just a 'thanks for the comment' which I guess is fair enough but a bit of a time waste you could just state your opinion but whatever...

I had a 16th last night (waiting on someone sending me a picture of my outfit) then I went camping.. but the police showed up so me and my friend left everyone and went back to hers.

Sooo today was alright. Didn't really do much. In fact i've done nothing...

This is what I wore to my aunts 30th.
My outfit was very last minute, we were meant to dress up 80's but I ordered an outfit from ebay and it didn't even turn up!? aahh bad times. Was a really good night actually... but you should never have to see your aunt dance on tables and 'dance' with boys just a few years older than you ;)

P.S. Toy Story 3 is amazing.

Have a good weekend!

Fook ze system!

Hey there. I'm back! There was a million issues with passwords! Was a nightmare! Howeverrrr, i'm back with lots of outfit posts, and some beauty posts too! I'm gonna be working on a few tonight to ensure even if I'm busy (long distance boyfriend comes for 2 weeks YAYAYAY) i'll still be able to post. It has been faaaaar too long :(

The rips/shreds in the tights are SO much nicer in person. Although it was my first try...

THANK YOU FOR STAYING WITH ME DEAR FOLLOWERS, I've lost a fair few due to not postnig for a while. All I can say is boo, you whore. ♥
Anyway, thank you so much my loyal followers! Stay beautiful.

It's lovely.
When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while ♥

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Shit is going down sadly.

Theres shit happening all over the joint right now, so i'm trying to sort everthing out at once.
Plus my wee camera still aint working and im still working on my self timer on my good camera.

MY GIVEAWAY?!i'm still working out how to get the winner, as keeps asking me for money and i'm like... no. So i'll have to find a way to prove the winner is ...real?

Anyway, working on a post real soon. Just need to clear things up :\

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wedding outfit + tattoo's

My self timer on this nikon is so weird ... it makes my pictures all blurry?! It's so confusing. My little one I usually use isn't working cause of the lense or soemthing.
I'll have pictures from the wedding up next week, but this is what i'm gonna wear... excuse the pictures ;

The picture on the Topshop website does this cardie no justice. It's far more gorgeous in person! Well I call it a cardie, topshop call it a blouse...

I love these hareems. They're really nice on. Love the fabric too.

I love this so much. Impossible to wear a bra with though which i'm usually not comfortable without... but it is really supportive so it's okay.

My new shoes. From Debenhams.

Anyone got any ideas on how I should do my hair? It's meant to rain and my hair is naturally curly/wavy...


I want a tattoo so bad. I want one down my side - probably a rose vine i'm thinking.
Do you have any tattoos or do you want any? :)

This last one is definitely my favourite :)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Spent a bomb in the new topshop...

A new topshop opened in Dundee (sort of near edinburgh if you're not familiar with Scotland) and my god it's so sexy. I went in and first thing I said was "Crappacus, this is fucking sexy." then later I dragged my gran in and we went halves on my outfit for the wedding saturday. Spent way over £200 and considering I only just got my allowance thats so bad ahah. I need a job. Anyone offering?!

but i dropped my camera earlier and the lense thing wont come out when i press on and makes a noise like its grinding something?! it's just my plain samsung digital one.

Anyone know why?! aah driving me mad! I'll whip out my nixon tomorrow and take a few pictures. and announce my giveaway winner!

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Does anyone know where they have maxi dresses, but for short people?!

All the maxi-dresses i've tried on are SO long. I know the point of them is to be long but to the point i'm tripping over them... no. But I really want one.

I want to wear one to a wedding on Saturday...

It'd be awesome if you could name a shop! Or even if you have a bit of time links online?

I'm only 5ft but i sooo badly wanna wear one and rock it! :)

I totally regret buying these hareems...

How do you pronounce Hareems? When talking about them with friends we all pronounce it differently?!

Anyway, when in Barcelona I spotted these GORGEOUS hareems. They were a really nice print, brown and yellow... so much better than it sounds. I bought them. Then about an hour later we went back to the same market place and there was these patched hareems, of all different colours and patterns. So I swapped - they cost me 5 euro more!

But I totally regret it now. I would be able to wear the brown and yellow sooo much more.

But the hareems I bought look best with a chunky brown belt, and brown gladiator heels - that I borrowed from my friend - but i don't have at home. So here they are. Worn as a jumpsuit too.