Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another let down!

I know I said i'd try post every day but I had no idea how busy i'd be! My bad!

Anyway, still no outfit post as i've packed up my camera and all my memory cards for spain! I'm going tonight! Well tomorrow since it's 1.45 we leave my town and 8.30am the flight is at...

I really wanted to post a picture of what we all have to wear to the airport! But then I don't think i'd have time cause i've still got 101 things to do :(

There was a mix up with my sizes so instead of getting small tshirts and small trousers I got medium sized tshirts and trousers!
The tshirts are FAR too big, and to get the trousers to normal legnth i have to roll them up SEVEN times. Bad times.

I've got to wear;
- black joggers (with school name down the side and initials)
- White polo with volleyball logo + initals
- Hoodie with volleball logo + initials.

We're gonna arive in spain in the afternoon so we will be sweating buckets in tthat!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I can't wait to get back to blogging 'cause i'm gonna start doing beauty posts and other things!

Have a good week whilst i'm gone!



Star-Light said...

hope you have a great time :)

can´t wait for your posts when you are back ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I also can't wait 'til you start posting more!(:

Lucy said...

Have a good time!!
Look forward to the posts when you get back :)


Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Have a great trip!!

Mesothelioma said...

Good Blog! Post More!!

Anonymous said...

have a great trip!

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Have fun!!!

Vans said...

Ypur bog is a nice find

Joellen said...

Ohmigosh have a good time in Spain! Be sure to take lots of photos!

Renay Shanel said...

love your blog :) x

Melissa said...

Ahh! Spain! I'm jealous <3

xx, Melissa

isabella Thordsen said...

have a nice time!

Vivian said...

have a great time in spain!!!!!