Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bit of a mixture ♥

I'm ill at the moment, so i'm in bed in my pj's so got no outfit to show! Although I got a few pictures from Saturday :)

Eliza Doolittle
I just really like her style - i hadn't really noticed it until last week in one of her music videos. and her hair is lovelyyyy.

Taylor Momsen, Alexa Chung, and Mary-kate & Ashley Oslen.
- just a few of the successful women who's style I love. But i got to say, I much prefered Taylor's hair shorter.

Outfit post when i start to wear proper clothes again :D
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Anonymous said...

yay first comment ;D
you look more gorgeous than all of those :P


lilmissshortee said...

Nice outfit! Love it :)
And yes, I love Eliza Doolittle's style,
Alexa always looks fabulous too!

Anonymous said...

Funny pics, and you look georgeous, love your style:)

steph0188 said...

Love the photos of you, gorgeous <3 x

Star-Light said...

love you´re outfit..you are stunning!

Jade said...

Get well soooooon!! I don't know who Eliza Doolittle is but judging from the pictures I think you could double for her!


Dylana Suarez said...

Love all these looks!

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!


Anonymous said...

really wonderful!!
loving your blog, keep it up!
and thanks for your sweet comment, means the world!


Joellen said...

Sooo cute in your first photos <3


Kat said...

hi :) yes i prefer taylor's hair shorter too! i base my hair style on hers.
wow! i hope your boyfriend can come to see you :) and have fun in ireland and spain! which part of spain are you going to? i might be going to benidorm from the 7th-13th
have you been before? it's BEAUTIFUL.

sarah said...

i love taylor.

your hair color is so nice. its amazing!

Aimee said...

Alexa Chung is pretty awesome. Love Taylor Momsen's style too :)

Melissa said...

LOVE the olsen twins! Eliza Doolittle is awesome! i really love her songs!
great post :)

Nicole Jarecz said...

loving these photos!

Bug said...

You look cute! Eliza is awesome. What a great collection of photos :)


fhen said...

those are adorable outfits!

Kati C. said...

Ahhh Taylor and Alexa have always been my favourite, in terms of dress sense.

Your blog's interesting. Keep up the good work! xx

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice outfit & I love your hair!!
Hope you get well soon ;-)

Poppy said...

Alexa Chung and Marykate Olsen are some of my favourite style icons!

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

love your shorts! <3

great pictures, love the twins

looking forward to some more outfit posts, hope you feel better sweets


Victoire said...

you have such a gorgeous hair color! and alexa/taylor/olsens are my favourite itgirls too :)


Suyinsays said...

oh your hair is LOVELY as ever!
a few things:
eliza doolittle YESSSSS such a good singer with catchy tunes!
taylor momsen- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i really dislike her hair right now, totally agree with you about the length, and she seems so grown up for only 16?!?!
you gotta love the chung
the olsens? my idols!
lots of love, great post

jakarech said...

Great style icon pics :)


Charleston said...

i want to dress like a male version of the olsens. the molsens perhaps? x


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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