Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Endometriosis + New ideas

Sorry for lack of blogging, it's been pretty poor overall but over the past week i've been pretty ill - docs think i've got endometriosis and then i've got no appetite at all making me ill. It's all pretty crap, but since I was off school all last week i've been catching up this week.

We talk of change, but what do we do about it?
I don't want to be at school; doing subjects I don't like and i'm failing at. I need a change, for my own health. I'm not happy. I talk of change, but it never happens - but the one time I do try change I get knocked back. I'm still so angry at my gran saying I can't go to college.

I've got some new ideas for my blog too, mainly doing some beauty posts, blogger of the week, increasing my outfit posts - I don't want to say too much at the moment.

Tomorrow: three outfits.
tomorrow i'll do a post, with three outfits: 1 school, 1 casual, and the other is a more going out outfit. tomorrowtomorrowtomorrow!

Right, so for now i'm gonna watch Dude, wheres my car? and then change my layout or whatever it is if I can manage it.


Winnie said...

Of course you can go to college! If you want to, then there is always a way!

Star-Light said...

can´t wait for your outfit-posts! missed you :)

Lucy said...

Aww honey:( That sucks!! I hope you get better soon:D I look forward to the outfit posts :)

Never give up!!!


Claire said...

i await this outfit post with excitement! just rediscovered your blog :)


Suyinsays said...

oh my god hope you feel better soon!

i got style spotted on oxford street!!!!
please vote for me on facebook to win the competition!!!
its here:

and tell all your friends!!!!
lots of love

rebecca said...

i just listened to elliot smith's album! how odd

Suyinsays said...

THANK YOU so much julie! and tell all your friends bout the competition too yeah?! hope youre feeling a bit brighter today!

oh god, the video really is just the cringiest thing ever, i promise imnot that goofy in real life! and english?! really?! i thought i sounded really common and awful!

but thanks for your vote anyway, it means a lot!

Suyinsays said...

hope youre okay julie, you havent been around?!