Monday, 6 September 2010


I got an unconditional offer to do fashion retailing at college! I'm meant to start tomorrow (every one else started last week, i'm a late applier) but I don't know if i'm gonna take it! I'll make a pros and cons list later.

One pro i'm sure of? NO UNIFORM! Which means more outfit posts for you guys too of course :P But anyway! What should I wear to my first day of college?!

I was thinking of wearing something like this:

[ This is not me! This is Marina from
Hmm so many decisions!
Anyway, I really need a nap now.. then to decide if i'm gonna accept the offer or not!


Little Emilly said...

Nice outfit
and well done :) x

Mimi said...

congratulations!!! :D

<3, Mimi

{ I V Y } said...

congrats omg!
haha marina's has nice legs :)

marina said...

hi thanks for publication!!!


Natalia said...

i got in the college too! and i think you should try :)
outfit is nice, you should ear it the first day :)

Tugba said...

Woww congrats sweety :) U should def accept the offer otherwise u will regret one day. Very good oprt. for u :D

Tugba said...

Oooo u should def wear an outfit like the one on the pic :D