Thursday, 13 May 2010

about me + random photos + blogs you should know about ♥

I had my religious studies exam today... it went really bad :( But I went and saw my teacher after + he said even if I didn't get the grade I need he'll still take me for higher ;D yaay!

-I used to be a cheerleader
- I used to be an awesome swimmer, but had to stop training cause chlorine gives me itchy rash.
- I haven’t grown since I was like 12. bad times.
- When i’m sad I go on walks in the rain on my own. Or shower if its not raining. LOL.
- I have like two guitars, but no idea how to play them.
- I live with the grandparents.
- My dog is called snoopy. He is fat.
- I dropped my phone down the toilet once, whist drunk. I had already peed. I thought it’d be a good idea to put a plastic bag over my hand to fish it out.
- My first kiss was mouth rape. From a girl. She raped my mouth, when i was 7/8 and she was 2 years older. I wasn’t too happy, but she threatened me not to tell anyone HA.
- I used to chew on crayons. Omnomnom.
- I’m in love. N’yawww how sweet.
- My darkest tan is everyone else’s pale.
- I don’t actually have a best friend. Just a few really close ones.
- Mash potatoes are my thing.
-I’m scared of needles. Like seriously.
- I get pissed off way too easy.
- I’m a bitch to those I love :(
- I really wanna go back to Australia.
- I jump to conclusions waay too quick.
- My wardrobe is a mess.

Now, these pictures are from like all around the internet + I put them in my folder ... I have a feeling most are from - i'd seriously check it out, I love her tumblr.

this picture is actually my friends pervy cat hha.

Some of these blogs are just new, and some are not as new but totally don't get the recognition they deserve.
NADIYE is not my name
LAUREN loves shops
STEVIE likes sequins
LESLIE; lemon sweet by Leslie Hall
CHERI; Moncheri2311

Nadiye is a beautiful girl from the Netherlands who takes some beautiful pictures, Lauren is gorgeous, has kickass fashion and does awesome beauty reviews! Stevie is also gorgeous has wicked style and also does a few beauty related reviews. Leslie has a wonderful selection of jewerlerry on Etsy you should really check out! + Cheri is an irish student, just starting out in the world of fashion blogging.

I'd seriously check them out! I've forgotten a few people I feel so i'll probably edit with their blogs.

Yeah, about that, i'm actually thinking it'll be up on Saturday... yup, seems likely.


Ken said...

omg mouth rape?
poor u

Sarah said...

Great post! U ate crayons? hopefully only the good colours! xxx

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

mouth rape :'D

aww thank you honey, that is very sweet to say!! <33


Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Aww Thank you for the shout out!! Hope you have an awesome day! :)

Nerdic.. said...

Lovely photos
x fashionnerdic

ParisiannSkies said...

this is a really insightful post!
very cool indeed!

Mimi said...

reading random facts about you was seriously interesting. :)

Lisanne said...

Amazing pictues!

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

hahahha the dropping your phone down the toilet thing made me laugh !!!

Thanksss for the mention again xxx


HIGH5 to the wardrobe being messy, I believe it can not get any messier than mine though :p

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Looking forward to your giveaway! :)

And thanks for your comment. I'm hoping "she" reads it and thinks twice about copying anymore of my work.

sarah said...

great pics! i really like them.

Charlotte said...

Cool pictures - I love the one with the tattoo!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made me feel loads better!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

melindaa said...

ill check out those blogs, but you have an excellent blog too :]

A.Co said...

LOL two things I love about this:

- pervy cat
- mouth rape by a girl?! (yikes)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Robyn said...

"Mash potatoes are my thing." I laughed out loud at this. I am also calling sweet potatoes to be my thing.

Bug said...

The 'sad rain therapy' fact is so cute! Great posts, enjoy learning new thing about bloggers. I will check our some of those blogs :)

Anonymous said...

great post hun, i love your about me! some cool stuff listed, love those pics spesh the tat sleeve. touch wood i've never dropped my phone down the loo but i think the plastic bag was a great idea haha


Lauren said...

Thanks for taking about my blog :) I got like 4 new followers from it!

Lots of love


Stevie Georgina said...

Thank you for the mention!♥ :)
I loved the random facts! xx

Anonymous said...

Haha, Love it:)

Joellen said...

haha interesting first kiss!

Jess said...

Oh girl I totally haven't grown since I was 12 either no worries :P

inge luciana said...

this post is unique, i really love to read it. and do u really eat crayons? what is the taste?

Fern ♥ said...

Ha ha yum yum crayons :) I am hoping they were only crayola and nothing else :D x

Winnie said...

The cat is adorable! I'm sure you did fine in your exams but I so hate them too!

heyhayley6 said...

I hate exams too... You list of thing about you made me laugh :) great blog! I am now following


Anna Katrina said...

i love checking out new blogs..thank youu! hope you visit passport glamour

Anna Katrina

Vivian said...

hahaxD mouth rape?

Aimee said...

LOVE Alexa Chung, she's awesome.

greatest info said...

nice post

Hello*Pretty said...

You crack me up! Great blog! Please check mine out. I'm doing a give-away. xo- karrie

Suyinsays said...

ahahahahhaha mouth rape :')
o dear dont worry, my wardrobe is a complete tip!
hope youve been keeping well, LOLL yes i have seen that pic of katy perry!
much love

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow! another great post as per usual!
I LOVE your blog! Such an inspiration
Am definitely bookmarking you!
Hope you can stop by mine sometime :)

Natalie said...

oh i love alexa chung! her style is amazing! :))

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures, i adore alexa chung (:

Charleston said...

great post

Anonymous said...

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