Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ali Skye + Formspring

I decided to get a Formspring so it'd be awesome if I actually got some questions to answer! :D

Ok, I know I haven't done an outfit post in aages but i'm gonna post one in a few housr or so because first, I wanted to tell you about a blog (AGAINN i know i know, i also mentioned a few last Thursday here but yeah wanted to do this as soon as possible!

Ali Sykes @
What I love the most about her blog;
- She has amaazing tights!
- Shes got a kickass ring selection
- Just her clothes in general.

Soo you should really go check out her blog around about now!:P

So yeah, remember to enter my GIVEAWAY + There will be an outfit post up later :)


♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

I'll visit ur formspring & Ali Skye seems to be interesting! WIll visit her blog.


Camilla said...

sweet blog :)


Awaiting (deya.) said...

SHE LOOKS really cool :)
ima go check her out now! :D

Ali Skye said...

WOW THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOIN THE POSTT!!! i'm so glad you could help mee!!! :)
also, i love the bright blue shorts in the outfit post above!

ali skye

ABIGAIL NY said...

Great blog, and I love the outfits above they are really cute.