Monday, 17 May 2010

100 followers GIVEAWAY

I really wanted to do an outfit post today, but then I remembered about the giveaway! SO here it is. I've still to add a few wee surprises :)

CLASSIC FRENCH from the colour workshop.
CONTAINS: 3 manicure nail polish bottles, EVA toe divider, 1 pack of press on guides, 1 nail file/polisher, 1 nail whitener + 1 strip of nail jewels.

First is a necklace, second is a bracelet.

YSL French Manucure

AUSSIE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE: Recontructor, deep conditioner. + Random keychain.

DIAMANTE DUCK for the bath :)

Two Corsage Clips in pink and black from New Look

LANCOME PARIS: Sublime Suduction.
Contains: Black Mascara (?), powder blusher x2, Powder eyeshadow x5, lip colour x2.
It's never been used but i'm pretty sure i've lost the mascarra?! :(

1. You MUST be a follower.
2. All you need to do is say "Enter Me" + tell me about a fashion trend you're either loving or loathing right now!
3. LEAVE YOUR EMAIL! So if you win, I can contact you. Or if you're not comfortable with leaving you're email so publicly, contact me at
4. For an extra entry, do a post about my giveaway - but give me a direct link so I can check it out

OPEN TO ALL READERS ACROSS THE WORLD! even though it'll cost me loads to send it away :(



Suyinsays said...

enter me!
loving: double denim
haha! lots of love

sarah said...

enter me!
loving: flowerprints, wedges
i hope i win!

Emily Park said...

Enter me, please :))

i really love ankle socks atm >.< pair them with anything, and i think they look incredibly cuteee :D


Laura said...

Enter me!

I really love cute stuff, like my cat head xD!

Suyinsays said...

OMG a thought just occurred to me! i didnt mean socks and sandals as in socks and high heels, which is totally cool and i love it, but socks and sandals old man style, dyou know what i mean?? anyway, never mind, ill get offf here now!

Awaiting (deya.) said...

Please enter me! :)
your giveaway's in my sidebar at
and my email is deyaaliaga at hotmail dot com

times a gazillion and one. :D
cant get enough of it. :\

congrats on the followers! :D

Marie said...

Enter me, please!:D

I love florals and wedges right now.:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Mon Cheri said...
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Mimi said...

hi! i am a follower, enter me please. :D

a trend i'm loving right now is florals.

i don't hate this trend, but i just don't know if i can pull it off: harem pants.

my email:

Georgie said...

Enter me!
Loving = nudes and prints
Hating = Harem pants, they're just too MC Hammer for me.

Great giveaway.

heartshapedbruise. said...

Congrats on all your followers :)

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway please - my email is dlw1210(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk - thanks!

I've gotta be totally honest & say I'm not getting the double denim trend - not at all.
I'm all up for other people doing it, if they really feel the need - & I have seen it done pretty well - but I won't ever be embracing this trend myself. I've spent too many years laughing & mocking double denim, & believing it to be extremely wrong & actually & major fashion sin, to go back on all that now!

Tabitha said...

Enter me please!

I'm loving the tailored trousers that are everywhere at the moment, they just look so put together! xx

Ria said...

I'm a follower and I don't quite like the clogs(mostly because I tend to fall down while I have them on :p)
oooh 17th of june is my birthday!lol
have a great day!!!

MacKenzie. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MacKenzie. said...

Enter me (:
Email me at

loving: light nail polish, floral leggings, double denim

loathing: clogs with no back strap, socks and heels, white tights, sweatpants and heels :X

Haha, I'm very opinionated :D

Ali Skye said...


loving: bright nail polish, floral leggings

hating: clogs! i just think they look bulky when they aren't worn in an AMAZING way

MacKenzie. said...


I did a post about your contest (:

Unknown said...

Enter me please!!

Loving: Hareem jumpsuits, comfy, stylish and a fab look.

X x

Anonymous said...

Enter me please, dahling. :)

Loving: sweet white lace Grecian frocks, all floaty and innocent. skinny brown gladiators and scarlet red nail polish.

Hating: plastic mini-skirts in garish colours, tacky neon jewellery.

Thank you! :) xxx

xoLauraox09 said...

Enter me! :)

Loving: Socks with heels/shoes. Floral EVERYTHING ha. Oh and wedges, there are easy to walk in and I just bought my first pair awhile ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Hating: Nothing really. But I just hate when people copy your style! Grrr...not a trend but anyhoo :D


x x x x

xoLauraox09 said...

Oh and my email is StarsAndShoes@yahoo[dot]com


x x x x

Anonymous said...

amazing things,wish i had all of tem (:

Sophie said...

Ahhh this is such an amazing giveaway! Enter me please. And currently I am lovvvvving nude and lace (and nude lace yaaa?)


Andrea said...

Enter me :))

I love Clogs,Denim and Flowers :))

Thanks for your lovely Comment :))

Lauren Loves said...

You're doing a give away! Congrats for reaching 100 followers!

Can you add me to the give away? And can I be cheeky and ask for another entry because I tag you a lot on my blog :-P (I'll understand if you say no!)

Trend love: jumpsuits and maxi dresses! I'm tall so I love these things!

Trend loath: Open-toe shoe boot things! Yuck!

Lots of love, as always


Lauren Loves...

Lauren Loves said...

oops, forgot my email!


Lauren Loves...

Lauren Loves said...

Thanks! Us bloggers gotta stick together :-) xxx

Lauren Loves...

English Rose ♥ said...

Fab idea for a giveaway - good luck everyone!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

Sorry for the late reply!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,

English Rose x

Adele said...

Great give away! Will follow you!
So enter me!! One fashion trend im loving right now it red lips! And thats why i came to visit your blog to tell you about how the topshop lipstick is remember! Well I love it on! Doesn't last long but I love the colour :D

-- Adele

Anna Katrina said...

congrats on 100 + followers!! now following :) & you can enter me in the contest.. my favorite trend: scarfs as headbands/turbans

hope you follow Passport Glamour

Anna Katrina

Unknown said...

Congrats on 100+ followers!!

Winnie said...

Oooh good luck to everyone who enters! Looks like an awesome prize!

SabraRose said...

Enter me please! :) xx

Style Love: Florals, nudes and nautical themes.

Style Hate: Clogs, double denim and shoe boots!

TanyaMarie said...


Congrats on you 100+ followers :)

I am loving wedges, cute shoes & stylish bags! I love sweaters too. Haha!

tanya_starpower@yahoo dot com

mariska said...

enter me!

I think the fashion from the past will come back again.
Lace still keep it trend from next months,,



Anonymous said...

love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments


H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

I'm a follower, enter meee :)
This is such an amazing giveaway!

LOVING... 90s grunge (the McQ a/w lookbook is seriously amazing- and super good news for me and my grungy style! haha)
LOATHING... those ugly woolly panda hats lol

my email is




Unknown said...

lovely give away stuff really coool

Teri said...

Loving: Nautical!

I'm a new follower on bloglovin'.

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Hey!! Thanks for all the sweet comments and love!! :)

Please ENTER ME in your amazing drawing!! :)

I will also post a link about it on the sidewalls of my blog! (Link coming soon)

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Ok check it out! It's on the sidewalls of my blog!!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

This give-away is SWEET!!!! WOW!

Thanks for offering up such a siiiick give-away, Julie!


The fashion trend I'm LOATHING right now is socks with sandals. CRINGE. I KNOW designers have been sending their models down the run-way with these disaster at their feet, but it doesn't translate well into real life. I'm all for trends and expression, but this, is a little much. Some girls can rock it, and sock it ;) but I think it's best left on the runway.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

inge luciana said...

enter me...!!! I have already became your follower ^^

this is my first time give away,so i hope i will be the winner ^^

the fashion trend that i love now is over knees and supeer mini skirt or hot pants, that style will make you look sexy and more confident i think.
i also like combination between pastel color and black,great combination

i wish i can win those giveaway, thaaanks a lot before..^__^

here is my email :


Choccy-Biccy said...

Enter me please!
I'm currently loving nudes, florals and cute playsuits :)

cathy. said...

enter me too please! :)

I'm love stripes and florals at the moment but absolutely cannot stand crocs, it's a crime against mankind. I'm serious.

I've put your giveaway in my sidebar too. :)

x miss anonymous.


I V Y said...

ok, i followed!
i am loving the platfrom wedge ankle boot right now, especially leopard print ones! mmmm!

liz said...

i am your folower :)
enter me please :)

my fav fashion nowadays is floral skirt with plain shirt. so vintage and simple :)

i put you in my side bar too darl

email me

Unknown said...

enter me please
i'm lovingg.. high waisted shorts with braces

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Great giveaway, just started following :)

Enter me please-

Loving- floral, knee high socks and anything else you are confident in rocking

Hating- anything that looks shit really


Unknown said...

Enter me please!
I'm loving florals, i've loved them for years and I dont think i'm gunna stop :)
Hating...? Hmm harem trousers. Just don't understand it :)

lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

Enter me please!
In France the Bensimon little shoes are back in trend and I love them! Reminds me of my childhood!


Carmen Canovas said...

Enter me please!
I'm a follower.

I love: mini skirts now in summer, they're great.

Vicky said...

enter me!

im loving wedges, light pinks, and studs

hating... hm... orange tans??

Anonymous said...

enter me, please :)

one of the fashiontrends going on (well I am not that up to date actually, cuz I like to go my own way really) is big shirts with tights. and nice wedges or just black h&m's


and my email

Unknown said...

Enter me preety pls :D

im new followers via google friend

im loving long/full print flower dress for summer now :D

i post your giveaway link:


thank you :)

Natalia said...

enter me =)
i love: florals with denim! florals are girly and denim is something completly diffrent and that's why i like to mix these two trends :)
oh and my e-mail:

paige said...

enter me please doll :)
i loatheloatheloathe harem pants!!!

i lovelovelove the power shoulder


Danni said...

Please enter me! :)
A trend I currently love is clogs. But I didn't at first. When I first saw them at the Chanel shows I thought 'Gross! Karl, what are you thinking?!' But then gradually they grew on me; I saw more and more bloggers participating in the trend, and when Miu Miu showed their clog I began to love them in an instant (I'm also a huge fan of the animal pattern trend at Miu Miu, so the two combined was great) and now I find myself lusting over them as much as anyone else!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing giveaway! :D Thank you!
I am now a follower, enter me please!

My favourite trend has to be boho maxi dresses in bold, floral patterns. I absolutely adore flowing fabrics for Summer, especially when they are so eye catching that you stand out gorgeously in a crowd. The dresses are so carefree but perfectly planned at the same time! Love them :)


Fashionable and Me♥ said...

Enter me!
My favorite trend are the high waisted things like skirt and shorts!

Unknown said...

Enter me!
My favorite fashion trend right now are lacy socks with heels!

Mayke said...

enter me!
loves: denim and flowerprints!

Unknown said...

Beautiful itemss, enter me!!
I'm loving wedges and suspenders at the mo.
Love your blog, and thanks for the super sweet comment!
panda xx

Renay said...

I'm a follower :)
Enter Me Please

I'm loving the florals in large print right now,
they make for a killer summer dress :)

Ive added the giveaway in my sidebar as well

thankyou for the opportunity
im so excited for this !!

Lima said...

Enter me please. :)

this a quite a generous giveaway girl!

Okay, my fave trend at the moment is high waisted bodycon skirts with crop tops. I've got soo many crop tops and skirts at the moment, my wardrobe can barely take anymore, poor wardrobe feels like a fat kid that can't possibly eat anymore cake. =P


Lima said...

Woops, forgot to put my e-mail. It's xx

Rhania E. said...

enter me..
love: sandals..slippers.. wedges.. bags.. makeups..

my email address:

hugs and kisses

Rhania E. said...

enter me..
love: sandals..slippers.. wedges.. bags.. makeups..

my email address:

hugs and kisses

Nós said...

Hi. = )
I'm a follower with GFC.
Enter me.
I'm loving floral prints and clogs.

Andreia. xoxo


Nós said...

Put your giveaway on my sidebar.


Luc said...

I loathe the clogs trend right now. Some styles look ok but really - no I hate them :( but very much loving the maxi dress trend!!

Eva said...

enter me please :)
i love florals, is that even in right now? oh whatever, i think any floral is GORGEOUS.
& i HATEHATE clogs! :/

evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I follow through GFC :)

Enter me. I love wedge shoes :)


posted your giveaway in my sidebar:

Anonymous said...


Enter me haha,i really love high waisted shorts or skirts,i think they´re really lovely!
my e-mail is

I´ll make a post about it,later,tomorrow;)

Georgia said...

WOAH. so glad I caught your blog.

Daya, muito prazer... said...

Daiane Negretti
follower: Daya, muito prazer

Plz enter me!
Loving: ankle boots

Anastasia Bliss said...

please enter me. i have just linked your giveaway from my blog. check it out on

i am also having a giveaway at the moment so feel free to enter!

at the moment i am loving grey. maybe because it's winter at the moment in Australia but grey, leopard print cardigans and skulls.

i sound a bit weird, but hey.. its my thing =p



Cannaria said...

Enter me please, I`m a follower.

Well, there`s a time when tye dyed shirt is popular in my country. Actually, I love it. But it`s getting weird when they wear it to public places that on/near the beach at all!

And maybe this sounds cheesy, but I love GaGa`s style :)

XOXO, Ditha

Unknown said...

Enter me. I love boyfriend jeans.

Unknown said...

Enter me. I love boyfriend jeans.

Celene said...

I'm following!
please enter me. I HATE harem pants!


Unknown said...

Enter Me

I love the floral prints, they look so lovely

xtrelitah @ gmail. . com

4. For an extra entry, do a post about my giveaway - but give me a direct link so I can check it out


skaki said...

congrats on your 100+ followrs.
i am a follower of your blog.
i love beech colors and florals now.
username- ks sn