Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I think I need a break.

From everything. Ideally i'd like to get out of the country, go somewhere nice for a week or two.

My boyfriend of basically two years broke up with me for good last night, and i'm taking it pretty bad.

I'm still deciding if I should take a break from blogging too.


Mayke said...

oh i feel sorry for you! i wish you all the luck!

Star-Light said...

hope you feel better soon <3

Marie said...

Feel better.:D

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Anonymous said...

no no nooo dont let your boyfriend ending your relationship stop you from doing what you love!

MacKenzie. said...

Awww, I'm so sorry. Please, please, PLEASE feel better :(
But pleaseee don't feel bad, we all love you and you can't stop blogging (:

Hello*Pretty said...

Break-ups are so difficult! Trust me, I've had my share! You'll get through it. Hang out with friends and family and do things that make YOU happy. :) Take care doll! xo- karrie


Mimi said...

sorry about that. hope you feel better. :)

<3, Mimi

Suyinsays said...

julie! i know ive not been active in the blogosphere for positively aaaages, but i missed you! genuinely, im not even just saying that, i really did. dont let a bad break up stop your funny, witty writing that never fails to cheer me, and im sure hundreds of other readers, up. seriously, just be strong, because we are thinking of you right now, okay?

with lots of love
suyin xxxxx


Chandler said...

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Lauren said...

I hope you don't stop blogging! I love your blog. Even if I don't always comment you know I'm always reading. Hope things with the boyf get a bit better. xxx