Thursday, 18 November 2010

Foundation on ya lips, you look really tacky with foundation on ya lips!

Why do girls think it's a good look to have foundation lips? For one, it makes you look sort of dead (unless they also go completely overboard with the blusher to make themselves look like some sort of clown), and it also makes lips look cracked and just completely disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I quite like nude lips sometimes, but not like that. If you're going to do that at least put some sort of colour over it. Not pretty.

My english teacher actually kept me behind yesterday, to ask me if I was okay and stuff... she said I always look so sad and like i'm about to burst out crying, and that made me cry ahha. She then said it upsets her to see me like this, and if I ever need someone to talk to, she's here. It's funny how a teacher can notice things, but your own family and friends wont. **emotional bit over!

It was 20% (or maybe 25%) off sale at Debenhams today, and my gran picked me up after school with my aunt and we went shopping... However my cousins were there - one ran out the shop with a bag i hadn't bought yet to see his brother and the security alarms went off. Good one Rue - and somehow I spent £305 in Topshop... it's funny though, i've only got a few things to show for it. Most of its been kept until christmas though :(


In town today, even in this freezing rain, females ranging from 12-30 had their camel toes out. If you're going to wear jeggins, it'd be best to opt for a long top/a dress. No one wants to see that.

P.S. Nathan from Misfits is a beaut.


Mimi said...

i like nude lips too but not foundation lips, haha! and it's really amazing how teachers notice a lot of things about us. your teacher is very sweet. :D

p.s. i hate camel toes!!!

<3, Mimi

Marie said...

I like nude lips too but not the ones that would make you look dead like how a foundation does!

How sweet of your teacher, feel better soon.:D

***** Marie *****

Jade said...

Foundation lips and legging camel toes - hello Liverpool WAG-wannabe girls!!
That's so nice of your teacher! Feel happier soon! Hope it's nothing too serious xx

Georgie said...

Haha I agree about foundation lips! Thats so sweet of your teacher, apparently I look miserable when I walk around even if I'm not, once when I was waiting at a bus stop a guy walked passed me and went 'cheer up love' haha!


nude lips = lovely, to an extent
foundation lips = YUCK. tacky.
and the camel toe bit made me laugh!

i ran out of lipstick of the shade i wanted so i mixed bright red lipstick with a bit of foundation and that looked really nice, but it was proper pretty & pinky hehe :)
courtney xx

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

wow I couldn't agree more! The slags that make up the main of the north east population of newcastle love the foundation lips trends.

And yesss hello Nathan. I love Iwan Rheon too who plays the weird one.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Helen, x