Sunday, 7 November 2010

Steady as she goes...

Today, whilst my gran was at church I went shopping as I needed a new coat for school (and boots, but had no luck with those) and I found one - a gorgeous burgendy one. Thing is, it didn't have a hood... so I didn't get it, and instead got this Military Ladder Coat from New Look

Apparently a lot of people have been returning it because the buttons fall off easy, but i'm hoping it's not gonna happen to me as I quite like it. Had to get a size 14 though because in sizes 8+10, i couldn't zip it shut over my boobs, and in 12 I could hardly move. No use!

I got a couple of jumpers for school too since it's all cold now, in a nice burgandy and purple!

I was planning on doing a nail post today but my grans camera just died and it needs batteries, so obviously I can't... There will be a nail post on Tuesday though!


Jade said...

You can just sew the buttons back on if they do fall off, if you know how to sew, that is! It's a very nice coat and maybe the size 14 will be cosier anyway :) x

Pippa said...

I've wanted this coat for about a month! But i also could not get it done up over my boobs so size 12 is was :/ Jealous of you big time! <3 xxx

Jade said...

I've tagged you for an award on my blog!! :) x