Sunday, 4 April 2010

chiddy bangggg

Happy Easter if you celebrate it!
So, it's my easter break and it will be filled with revision classes. And just plain Revision. Maybe one or two days of shopping, sleeping and ofcourse, blogging.

This is what I wore to church (i actually only went for the creme eggs, but apparently i'm too old to hunt for eggs now..) + I wore navy/blue tights with my boots in the last post.

OH i forgot to say; i felt the skirt + top was a bit too girly for me, so i added a plaid shirt under a jacket, but not sure you can see it too well? Sorry!


Joellen said...

Those boots are to die for!

Suyinsays said...

omg is that your belly button piercing? its really cool!

Julie said...

Yes it is! :) It's kinda squint, but I didn't want to go through the pain of getting it pierced for the 3rd time.

All pictures are mine except the quote x)


Jazzabelle said...

i love love love your boots! and the 'what are you imperfections?' piece, it totally sums me up.

thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

love, jazzabelle.

Suyinsays said...

oh my goodness i am still totally in awe of your belly button! it looks sooo good! love the coca cola detail!

lily said...

the gap between my teeth..just one of many.

Love the boots. Hope you had a fun today.

M. said...

that coca cola belly ring is so great.

lovelove, M.

Glam Girl said...

Nice outfit! I love that pierce!

Diana Q. said...

In love with the studded boots!

Jade said...

I've passed on a blog award to you :)

apple said...

happy easter to you too, sweety. Lovely blog and thank you ever so for your comment.

Mary Lord said...

Hey, any chance you could check out my latest post? I've got to decide whether this photo of me should go in an article and you know when you think you look nice in a picture but the reality is that everyone else thinks you look vile? hmm yeh..


Caylie said...

cute boots :)


mo said...

i die for those boots.

im really loving your blog - ive just started blogging again after a long break so i was wondering if you would like to have a look at my blog LIKE A FOX (an aussie girl's fashion view) and possibly exchange links?

Thanks! xo.

paige said...

your hair looks stunning!

im having a giveaway, you should check it out :)


paige said...

ohh i LOVE the harry potters!

id love to be in on that list, thanks so much!


darlingdee said...

I love the boots.

Melissa said...

Love the outfit!

xx, Melissa

Clare Astra said...

cute boots x

Fashion is me said...


cool blog and cool shoes. studs, leather and zipper - wonderful combination.

Feel me

akaCola said...

Boots are very cute...but ive fallen in love with your belly button ring...its adorable...:)

Pippa said...

I LOVE the imperfections picture.
That is SO the same for me??
I will link you with the picture as I wish to steal it :)

Julie said...

Thank you all so much! + thanks pippa for linking it :)


Lisa Drives A Van said...

oh wow, where are your boots from?