Sunday, 11 April 2010

Only thing i'm missing is a black guitar

My camera still isn't behaving on self timer, and haven't got my other one back from my aunt yet, so bad quality of photos... excuse the mess around my feet haha.
I wore this dress to a house party last night, and i'm probably gonna do another post tomorrow to make up for the bad quality of photos, 'cause im hoping to get my other camera back tonight!;D

My blog is now 2 weeks old today, and i celebrate with having 54 followers now! Thank you all! :)


Lucy said...

Hey :)

I started blogging yesterday and stumbled across your blog this morning. Plus you live in the UK :D

THUMBS UP!! aha. Im following :)

My Blog: hope you can check it out, there are only a few posts up so far but many more to come. Follow if you like it :)

Love Lou xxx

Lucy said...
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Jade said...

Cute dress; nice shoes! Love the mess haha - it happens to the best of us.

Anonymous said...

that is such a cute dress.
thanks for following sweets !


Sarah In Wonderland said...

hi, i found your blog through yahoo answers when you answered my shopping spree question, haha :) your blog has given me some great fashion tips, it's adorable :) xxx

Sarah In Wonderland said...
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shoeless simone said...

I love the detailing on this dress. And thank you for giving me the sunshine award!

-Shoeless Simone

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Congrats on the two week mark!! I love your blue shoes and the black tights! You should stop by my blog and follow if you like too! :)

anne said...

I love your tights! They make the outfit so much more special and nice :)

Anonymous said...

great outfit, i still adore those tights, they look ab fab with blue shoes!

Fashion is me said...


You have a mass of cool ideas but it seems to me that the better you are presented with photos of his head. Do not be ashamed you're pretty:) So I conclude on the photo:)


Anonymous said...

how long didnt you see your bf?
I didnt see mine in 3 months :(
you are even closer to him than I am :P
haha xx
Still love the dress :)

Joellen said...

Your dres/tights are adorable!

Anonymous said...

aww! but that is something sad but also quite happy. right?
maybe use skype to talk to eachother?
I do that loads with mine.
My boyfriend lives in the UK aswell.
in bristol :)

heartshapedbruise. said...

Ooh nice outfit - love those blue shoes!

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Blue shoes!!! Of course I love blue shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

love the touch of blue!
you have an awesome blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the encouraging comments!


Claire said...

two weeks? that's amazing! LOVE the tights btw. hot. x

Viv said...

omg, love those tights, i'm obsessed with everything lace right now haha. and that's crazy for two weeks!!! good job :)

Charly said...

Cute tights, thanks for following I love your blog tooo!and congrats on the followers lovely :)


Suyinsays said...

two weeks and over 60 followers! omg youre doing soooo good!
thanks for the great comment, and also, i dont want to sound dumb (sorry, i probably do!) but what is a captcha code thing?? lolll
your clothes look SOO pretty as always :)
hope you feel better as well, bet chemistry tuition helped with that!
happy blogiversary (i just made that up!)
lots of love

Brunch girls said...

Ohhh Love this!

And you got a blog award on our blog!!

Melissa said...

great tights! i love your blog!!


K.M. said...

really like this dress. looks like its from that pussycat collection at new look? just discovered your blog through london rose

Le Plee said...

like your boots!

Greeting from Slovakia,

Le Plee :)