Monday, 29 November 2010

It's official; all christmas presents bought and wrapped.

I'm going to be honest: not too fond of this outfit in photographs. Something with my camera, i'm going to have to figure out what's with it. I did have a long deep purple top on under, as this topshop top/dress is really thin and a bit see-through, but I had to take it off hence why you can't see it! I had my coat zipped and buttoned up, scarf, gloves and hat on! Nice and cosy. In the snow. Shopping. Falling.

Dust & diamonds + Moody Model: H&M
My camera is being strange... it made the brown a lot lighter (Dust and Diamonds), and the teal/green (Moody Model) colour a lot more blue looking than it actually is, which is a bit annoying but they're both really nice colours on.

Went shopping yesterday, in the snow, and kept sliding all over the joint. Wellies were sold out, no one had any except kids wellingtons. Gutted.

How cute are my new ear phones.
I'm off to try sort out my camera, I did take pictures of my make up as I did it different to my normal, but they came out really dark and unclear and probably do revision just in case school isn't closed due to snow.


Lauren said...

I can't believe you've finished! Amazing! Love the earphones too - really cute. xxx

Little Emilly said...

Finished?! Wow :)
Nice outfit there (:
and loving the nail polish x

Away with the fairy's said...

I have that cardigan! but it looks better on you :P

fritha louise said...

I love the cardigan! Can't believe you've finished Christmas shopping already, I'm only half done. said...

cute cardigan! and OUCHHH root canel! my mom did that and she said it was SOO PAINFUL.

how is your mouth now! still numb??

sandraaa_xo said...

i can't believe you're done! i've only just started shopping! oh dear..
i very much like your cardigan!