Saturday, 3 July 2010

I totally regret buying these hareems...

How do you pronounce Hareems? When talking about them with friends we all pronounce it differently?!

Anyway, when in Barcelona I spotted these GORGEOUS hareems. They were a really nice print, brown and yellow... so much better than it sounds. I bought them. Then about an hour later we went back to the same market place and there was these patched hareems, of all different colours and patterns. So I swapped - they cost me 5 euro more!

But I totally regret it now. I would be able to wear the brown and yellow sooo much more.

But the hareems I bought look best with a chunky brown belt, and brown gladiator heels - that I borrowed from my friend - but i don't have at home. So here they are. Worn as a jumpsuit too.


Marie said...

I agree with you, you would be able to wear the other one more but you know what, this one is a nice statement piece in your wardrobe!

I like it with the belt!:D
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Eva said...

Wow, I love how it can be worn as a jumpsuit !

Anonymous said...

you look awesome

Georgie said...

Great statement piece!

Mimi said...

it's very unique. i'm sure you can pull it off. :)

JSotiriou said...

they are great! Why do you even regret buying them?

MacKenzie said...

You prounounce it "hair-ums".
Haha :P I'm like a walking dictionary XD

Anyway, even though you can't wear those harems with much, they are super gourgeous and you don't need a tank or anything when you wear them as a jumpsuit. Plus it's an easy cute outfit when you are feeling lazy :)