Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I know most people will hate this, but I don't care... I love it.

I bought this in Spain for 3 euro, and it's a relitively bright purple with some stars on it. It has the stars on the bum too.

Things are sort of weird for me at the moment. But my gran bought me 2 chocolate cakes to cope haha!

I went in town today.. didn't really get a chance to go to the shops 'cause my friend Mike just wanted mcdonalds so I went and had a McChicken Sandwich meal AND a cheese burger, it was amazing.
I also tried to push him in to a bush when we were walking back off the bus, but ended up falling in myself and grazing my poor arm :(

But tonight, I blog some more since I have literally no money and my friends are all going to the cinema, and I'll watch some Charmed. I love Charmed.


heartshapedbruise. said...

Love your new background - how cute?

Thanks for commenting me back - I know what you're talking about.. sorry for being paranoid!

Hope things are alright - your Gran sounds really sweet, buying you chocolate cake to help you cope, bless :)

I'm finding the image of you falling into a bush after trying to push your friend in rather amusing - sorry! Serves you right :p

Star-Light said...

i love it! :D

Mimi said...

you can certainly pull it off, so there's no problem! :D

<3, Mimi

Winnie said...

I used to watch Charmed religiously! Brings back memories of sitting with my sisters and eagerly awaiting new episodes!

I kind of like the purple dungarees, love the colour.

minnja said...

Lovely outfit!

Marie said...

What a unique outfit, retro.:D

I love watching Charmed too!:D Sad the series ended.
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Anonymous said...

that thing is so cool! it's like a romper and overalls...two of my favorite things :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great and really unique! :D

Deborah said...

I love it :)

Anonymous said...

IT´S so cuuuuuute!

Renay Shanel said...

very cute :)

shoeless simone said...

My favorite color! Cute

-Shoeless Simone