Monday, 5 July 2010

Spent a bomb in the new topshop...

A new topshop opened in Dundee (sort of near edinburgh if you're not familiar with Scotland) and my god it's so sexy. I went in and first thing I said was "Crappacus, this is fucking sexy." then later I dragged my gran in and we went halves on my outfit for the wedding saturday. Spent way over £200 and considering I only just got my allowance thats so bad ahah. I need a job. Anyone offering?!

but i dropped my camera earlier and the lense thing wont come out when i press on and makes a noise like its grinding something?! it's just my plain samsung digital one.

Anyone know why?! aah driving me mad! I'll whip out my nixon tomorrow and take a few pictures. and announce my giveaway winner!


Mimi said...

aw, i don't know why, but i do hope your camera starts working properly soon. :D

Charly said...

Ooh this defo happened to my Casio a while ago, I think the lens is stuck :S but I sent mine back and they fixed it in like two weeks for free :) Hope yours gets fixed! This has happened to me many times, once you start buying you just can't stop, looking forward to seeing your wedding outfit!


heartshapedbruise. said...

That's very naughty of you to spend so much money, & I'm not encouraging you at all - but I'm looking forward to seeing what you got!

Claire said...

CRAPACUS?! That is officially my new favourite word. Seriously. I've not felt that much excitement at the prospect of a buzz word since Jazzy (and that went on to become part of my blog name!) So, firstly, thanks for that.

Secondly, thankyou for your lovely comment, sorry I'm a bit slow to reply I've been fumbling with layouts etc... = very square eyes.

Thirdly, aaaah camera upset! :( I hope you get it fixed/ a new one soon. That sucks man, they're so fragile aren't they. Quick way to make money, selling shizz on eBay? I always find there's a bunch of stuff in my wardrobe I could do with getting rid of, and if you find a kind friend to borrow a camera from...

Claire @ Jazzpad

Marie said...

Can't wait to see your outfit, Julie!:D

Sorry about the camera, hope you'll be able to figure out what's wrong.
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