Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining ♥

I guess this is a bit of a rant but... Isn't it annoying when people just comment for the sake of it? It's not like they even say anything about the outfit. Just a 'thanks for the comment' which I guess is fair enough but a bit of a time waste you could just state your opinion but whatever...

I had a 16th last night (waiting on someone sending me a picture of my outfit) then I went camping.. but the police showed up so me and my friend left everyone and went back to hers.

Sooo today was alright. Didn't really do much. In fact i've done nothing...

This is what I wore to my aunts 30th.
My outfit was very last minute, we were meant to dress up 80's but I ordered an outfit from ebay and it didn't even turn up!? aahh bad times. Was a really good night actually... but you should never have to see your aunt dance on tables and 'dance' with boys just a few years older than you ;)

P.S. Toy Story 3 is amazing.

Have a good weekend!


liyana said...

u shud watch despicable me; its damn cute. n why wud the police showed up? btw i totally agree on the first paragraph.

Mimi said...

i have to agree with what you said about the whole comments thing. i have to admit though that sometimes i put not-so-good comments too, but now i try to really leave thoughtful comments. :)

<3, Mimi

Julie said...

The police came because apparently we were making too much noise and because we had a fire. Apparently we're not allowed fires!? mad :(

Fashionable and me♥ said...

Loveee your outfit!

heartshapedbruise. said...

Is that aimed at me..? Don't think I'm being paranoid, as my comment was the only one I think that didn't mention your outfit :/
I like to leave (& receive) comments, whether they leave their opinion on the outfit or not. I won't next time, if it bothers you.

Really like your dress from your Aunt's party & the necklace is gorgeous. Have you put some together or is it one that came like that?

I SO badly want to see Toy Story 3 - have heard such good things!

Eva said...

i really like your outfit! :D

such a prettydresss.

Star-Light said...

nice pics :)
i missed your posts :)

rebecca said...

Yeah, it bugs me when people do that (about the comments thing). Isn't blogging meant to be for fun/community rather than, essentially, running a business? :s
Luckily that's never happened to me when it comes to ebay... but I've only ever bought about 5 things. I hope it turns up soon!

Marie said...

I agree with the comments thing, sometimes, though, we should also keep in mind that we have to post good blog entries too. Readers often have nothing else in mind to say but appreciate the outfit.:D

I like how you've layered the necklaces and how it looks against the floral top.

Have a great weekend!:D
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Panda said...

Yay for ripped tights! sadly, I can never rip mine, as my mother hates me doing it haha. Panda xx
+ Thanks for your comment on my last post - I would be lovely if you checked out my newest one on Christopher Kane :)

Mon Cheri said...

love your outfit <3 and I can't wait to see toy story3 :)


Charly said...

Lovee all the necklaces and the print on the dress, this aaalways happens to me, order something for a special occasion and it turns up the next day! Also totally agree with your rant above, i think the worst one to get is "look at my blog, follow me", majorly winds me up!