Saturday, 3 July 2010


Does anyone know where they have maxi dresses, but for short people?!

All the maxi-dresses i've tried on are SO long. I know the point of them is to be long but to the point i'm tripping over them... no. But I really want one.

I want to wear one to a wedding on Saturday...

It'd be awesome if you could name a shop! Or even if you have a bit of time links online?

I'm only 5ft but i sooo badly wanna wear one and rock it! :)


Carrie said...

hmmm, i'm not sure where you can find one. but an idea would be maybe taking it to a tailor and having it cut:D good luck.

Mon Cheri said...

yehh just buy which ever one you like, style wise and which fits you good up-top and then have someone take the bottom up.
It'l take them like five mins !

hope it works out <3

OH and I love your trousers in the post below btw, especially as a jumpsuit! :D


SabraRose said...

ASOS have a petite section which is for girls sized 5ft3 and under, I had a look and the dress section has a couple of maxis in it. Here's the link:

Hope you can find one! :) xx

Charly said...

I agree with all these girlies, even high street shops have good petite sections so I'd look in there, or go to a tailor or dry cleaners and get them to alter it. Ooor I have seen quite a few simple maxi dresses that fall just above the ankle, so you could try those and they would be probably be full length on you, maybe try H&M :). hope you find something sweetie!


Georgie said...

Try Topshop's petite section??

Gem said...

im glad you did this post, as i really want one aswell and like you im only just 5ft :L xx

Claire said...

dude, i hear ya - i'm 5'2. I got a really good one from Miss Selfridge petite... It goes just past my ankles though.


Suyinsays said...

OMG OMG OMG julieee ive missed your blog sooo much!! hope you had bundles of fun in espana, sure looks like you did!
maxi dresses? miss selfridge has a pretty good range, or alternatively you could just get an ordinary one altered? i also saw a STUNNING one in my local h and m, it was tropical but with kind of washed out tie dye esque colours (if that makes sense!)
anyway, much love

Mimi said...

omg, i have the same dilemma! i bought one, hoping it would be just the right length, but nope, it's still a little too long. but i think it would work if i wear it with heels. ;)

Marie said...

I have the same problem, I often just wear wedges / heels with maxi dresses, I can't seem to find one that I can wear with flats!
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